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Residence Types

All Residence Villas open into a wonderful landscape, and the terraces and balconies from which the rooms are filled with light, are furnished so that guests can stay in them in total relaxation.

Type A Residence

Living Room + Kitchen 49,73 m²

Parents Bedroom 24,49 m²

Parents Bathroom 5,92 m²

Guest Bathroom 4,63 m²

Bedroom-1 15,79 m²

Bedroom-2 15,41 m²

Hall 7,04 m²

Bathroom 4,22 m²

Back Terrace 23,88 m²

Front Terrace 45,96 m²

Type B Residence

Living Room + Kitchen 48,77 m²

Parents Bedroom 16,01 m²

Parents Bathroom 4,20 m²

Guest Bathroom 4,77 m²

Bedroom 15,59 m²

Hall 7,49 m²

Back Terrace 23,88 m²

Front Terrace 33,65 m²

Type C Residence

Living Room + Kitchen 48,42 m²

Parents Bedroom 17,43 m²

Parents Bathroom 4,54 m²

Toilet 3,20 m²

Hall  3,92 m²

Terrace 47,00 m²